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Theme For The Cross

King Krule

Man Alive

Las maravillas del mundo
Recuerdas un día (De la mente)
Del abismo de la existencia
Recuerdos sumergentes
Recuerdos de la tierra

The sky was open and gorgeous
The blue was a view but was tortured
Chemtrails poke holes through commuters
Swept, swept, we went to find water
Tin can flew off to Mallorca
The TV had said that you ought to
The same show protested the order
From fifty foot, cigs blow smoke 'cross the border
To men that drowned holding their daughters
And weren't allowed refuge from the horrors
The instruction was mutual borders
I ain't felt this world and its orbit
Haven't felt this world and its orbit
TV runs the show's creds and goes dead
Now it's time to climb bed and be well-slept

Sometimes I watch the TV in my head
Sometimes I watch the TV in my head

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