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Ocean Bed

King Krule

6 Feet Beneath the Moon

It's gone alright
Well soak it in
I mean this sponge side
Was coated in
The warmth of your tide
They're breaking in
I'll cross my coastline
It's what I'm waking in
To find heaven
It's bled into my bed
And I'm drifting away

Victor walked out into the High Street
Victor walked to the edge of town
Victor came to the trash heaps
And his tears came tumbling down
He cried

Are you in heaven, lover?
I need you so
Have you melted yet lover?
For reasons unknown
You're sweet like no other
This haze has a warm hold
It radiates me undercover
Free your burdened soul
That's bled into my bed
And I'm drifting away

Neither of us remain
Neither of us remain
So let my waves take what I adore

Swept away
And off the shore
Neither of us remain
On the floor
I know you want this
More and more
So let my waves take
What I adore

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