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Lonely Blue

King Krule

Lonely blue, lonely blue

He slated life, was never alone
Lost his touch, encased head to toe
I'd save him but he's dead
She still hugs the cold night air
Still will search
The burdening city awaits
But he's gone

Lonely blue, lonely blue

She thought about the flesh and his bones
Took a trip and called down the phone
I'd answer but I'm gone
My head's in all kinds of a mess
She takes it upon herself, concaves her chest
Now I'd be glad to see you
Now I'd be glad to see you

Lonely blue, lonely blue

The blue cave, the deep dark unknown
Submerged forever soaked to the bone
She screams but she's stone
Repeats my theory
Crawling through the dirt
From the deep dark, I wandered alone
So forlorn

Now I'd be glad to see you
Now I'd be glad to see you
In a ballad, we touch
'Cause our skulls will mush
So please don't let go of our kingdom of trash (ah!)
I got high off butane, I was born amidst a wrath
That boy, he's just a puke stain
That girl, she made me mutate, yeah

Oh, so lonely
Oh, so lonely
Oh, so lonely
So lonely blue
The sky was blue
And high above the Moon was new
This eager heart of mine was singin': Lover, come back to me
Lover, lover come back to me

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