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Has This Hit

King Krule

6 Feet Beneath the Moon

What you doing man? I'm recording

Another disappointed soul
Well I tried, I tried to keep it in control
Well I, I will end up on the dole
It's my life, and I'll fall into that goal

And well Blue you've got me on the go
But don't worry, you'll never know
And your eyes, they're never cold
To me, well at least, that's what I've been told

And girl, you made my dreams come true
It? s all a clue, that it was all for you
My self is still waiting in queue
It? s all that I, well all I want to do

I know when I look into the sky
There is no meaning
Girl I? m the only one believing
And that there? s nothing to believe in

I? m dreaming
My aspirations got a ceiling
Well I? m constantly cleaning
The scars of your dealings

And well my guts are on the floor
For you to adore me
And all that I could be
And see, girl, what I say
On the horizon
The skies are grey
The skies are grey

Has this hit?
Has this hit?

See girl I wish it hit
You know I wish it hit
You see I? m tired every night
See things don? t seem quite right

I? m never fully content
I wish it worked and went well for once
But if you? re a cunt and people are cunts

They pull stunts to stunt your progress
But know it? s slow to digest
The way your insides stress
You? re not blessed
You? re definitely not blessed

I don? t deserve history repeating itself
I always see myself getting picked up and left back on the shelf
Again and again and again and again

You're not my pen
You're my paper
You're not my heart
You're its breaker
You're its breaker
You're its breaker
You're its breaker
You're its breaker

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