King Krule


King Krule

They told, told, told, told, told you anything
I'm not learning now I'm just menacing
He's knows to fix ya cos he's broke
And the one thing he hates to be is a joke
Now sorry love he's spent all your money on a parking fee
And there goes last week salary so when
You find him down the local
And yeah he charms you with his vocal

I bet you didn't expect to be sitting at home
On your own waiting for the bell with the telephone
Cos now you spent your nights, fighting
The same old fights and your only comforts was the tv
But not any more because you cant afford the licence fee
He's broke, he's broke
He's broke, he's broke

Well they lost too much
Now they turned all our money in to dust
And in the government at least they got someone to trust
Cos I got nothing under the cross
And I got nothing to believe in
Kids just teefing, cities just grieving
and weaving through cars
And I look at the night sky and I see no more stars

Just london scars
Just london scars
He's broke, he's broke
He's broke, he's broke

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