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Airport Antenatal Airplane

King Krule

Man Alive

Some things I just
Some things I just

Were you born in the earth?
Sometimes I see planes
But I think of you, and I stare
Sweeping through the night sky
All of you flying by
How many of you are up there?
Perfectly above my head
With your cheeks on a chair
Some asleep
Some lit up by
Hollywood minds are clear
I feel the weight of the world go
I start my journey to and fro
Passport in my pocket's getting old
Feel the weight of the world dissolve

You all look so small from up here
You all look so small from up there
You all look so small from up here

Is there concerns in the air?
You flew economy
Reserved your ecology
To escape this nightmare
A deluge of the world flows
Ain't too easy to see when it's
This lonely down here
So let's escape in this arrow
As if it weren't up to me
As if I did, I would care
From JFK down to Heathrow
Leave a window seat
I wanna feel free, up

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