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Thela Hun Ginjeet

King Crimson

21st Century Guide to King Crimson

Well, first of all
I couldn't even see his face
I couldn't see his face
He was holding a gun in his hand
Umm... I was thinking
This is a dangerous place
This is a dangerous place

I said, "I'm nervous as hell from this stuff
I thought those guys were going to kill me for sure
They ganged up on me like that
I couldn't believe it
Look, I'm still shakin'
There out in the streets like that
It's a dangerous place
It's a dangerous place"

So, suddenly, these two guys appear in front of me
They stopped
Real aggressive
Start at me, you know
"what's that? " "what's that on that tape? "
What do you got there? "
I said, "huh? "
They said, "what are you talking into that for? "
I said, "it's just a tape, you know"
"well play it for me"
I said "oh, no"
I put it off as long as I could
And finally they turned it on, you know
They grabbed it from me
Took it away from me
Turned it on
And it said, "he held a gun in his hand
this is a dangerous place"
They said, "what dangerous place? "
"what gun? "; "you're a policeman! "
And the deeper I talked, the worse I got into it
I talked, I told him... I said, "look man, I'm not talkin'"
It went on forever

Anyway, I finally unbuttoned my shirt, and said
"look, look... I'm in this band
you know, I'm in this band you know
And we're makin' a recording, you know
It's about new york city
it's about crime in the streets
The explanation was going nowhere, but
Finally, they just kinda let me go, I don't know why
So I walk around the corner
And I'm like shakin' like a leaf
And I thought, "this is a dangerous place"

Who should appear, but two policeman

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