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The Short Story Long

Kind Of Like Spitting

You ask me who I've been with, and do I know all their last names? And I cant answer honestly which leaves me open and ashamed. I beg you for forgiveness, you say there's no need to explain. But now I feel uncomfortable. We're distrustful still the same. You've finally seen your end light tunnel, upwards with a jar. So cute you give me a headache, a black hole stole your heart. So fast you became important to me so fast now you are not. Fondle Fuck and Forgive eventually, this is how we taint our hearts. It was a twenty six night stand, embarrassed but I understand. A condition of loneliness feels so second hand. The idea of getting rid of what you've got, does the prospect make you hot? You're realizing on your projection, I'm forgetting I am not.

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