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The Rest Is Up To You

Kind Of Like Spitting

So what did she think? Its fine but its not her thing. So what did he think? The music's alright but he hates the way you sing. They're saying terrible things about you at the shows. They're all wanting to hurt you. They all want to let you know, that they don't approve of your big move. So what did he think? Its not you he just don't like that acoustic thing. So what did she think? She hates it when you scream. It makes them sick, they've all got a bone to pick. They say you were the worst they've ever served, that you coming to the party showed a lot of nerve. You broke the cool kid rule. Prepare to get what you deserve. I heard what he said and it stuck to my ribs. Asking put down what the title advice again. Passive aggressive, wipe the smile off your face. Sometimes I feel like I need new friends.

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