Dodge Dart

Kind Of Like Spitting

"There's no accounting for taste, I guess," she said
"Since you mirror everyone that you ever met"
"Don't worry, I'll see you soon," and I believed you
Since then I haven't seen you
But in better times, you were a friend of mine
You were the one who said "I don't mind"
From my house to the bus stop, I see a dodge dart
I walk up and it’s scary in my heart again
Well I didn't choose this, pleasures the culprit
Pissed off that we blew it
And my best behaviors, to be my behaviors
next time you lay eyes on me
I don't want to try, I don't want to try
Some things should come naturally
But if they don't
You just can't force them
'Cause if they won't
You just can't force them
straighten up to sit with
Your foot down on the gas
Never looking back, you are the lucky one
And driven like a free way, snapped within a freeze frame
my life’s every nightmare
You were the lucky one
Everywhere I go you've colored
Please leave the car in the morning
I feel old, I get ugly when you're sad
Afraid I lost the best I ever had
I place relics of you
I really wish I didn't have to
My friends outside to say
my heart is in the gutter

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