Kind Of Like Spitting

Welcome to my life
The words on the spine, face down
Trying to keep my mind from worry
This is how I've learned to spend my time
A painting of my days
Lived with restraint
I draw pictures, send birthday presents
Yes, I sleep alone, which is fine
But soon, I'll need you
'Cause I can't last like this for long
Besides, we can't afford the calls
Soon it'll take two
I want to see you in the morning
Hug you while you're yawning
Don't want to think of the day
That every day becomes every other day
Fall back into sneaking
I can't help but thinking
You are how I ought to spend my time
The sky is turning blue
My eyes are too
They have to see you to be sure
That you are you and she is her
Soon I'll need to
Wrap my arms around you
Smile and say I'm glad I found you
Could it be you?
Will we decide to move?
Will our lives improve?
If we decided to try Philly
Or do ya think I'm talking silly?
If you do, then for Chrissakes tell me
If we decided to try Philly
All my friends out here would kill me
Can I convince them that you love me?
Welcome to my life

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