For Katie

Kimya Dawson

My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess

they can't be talking to me
this isn't real
how can i stop the nothing?
i'm just a little girl

three thousand miles between most of your friends
and you wish they could meet they have so much in common
and you can't believe that you are in portland
with your good friend from new york on vacation
the world it is shrinking, pathways intertwining
some of it's planning a lot of it's timing
suddenly face to face with jake and jack
you ask them to sing you their songs back to back
jack says "i'm alone but i'm not scared"
then jake says "i am alone but not afraid"

i wish i could be that brave
but the second person's always in the way
i tried to hide you
where no one could find you
but you were a baby and i was a little girl
they caught us and brought us back to their world
that's when i decided the only place i could hide
was in the stories and dreams in the seams of my mind
i was so busy dreaming, running from demons
i didn't even hear you screaming

yesterday you got an email from prague
that said me and my friends think your band really rocks
you can't believe it's all really real
you don't know what to say, you don't know how to feel
you think it's a joke just like in the sixth grade
when nick asked you out then he laffed in your face
you prepare for the worst when you go out on stage
you block out the crowd, you dissociate
the music's your blood and the words are your breath
you sing and you sing like it's all there is left

rock-a-bye baby, beautiful thing
don't ever, ever let them clip your wings
when the best and the worst coexist there's a fist fight
between what's left and the right of way
i hope you believe me when i say
things will get better give it one more day

it's hard to sleep when the lullabys are songs
you don't want to miss you could listen all night long
and you can't believe that you are in texas
and jeff lightning lewis is sitting right next to you
singing the song about the three quarter moon
you squint your eyes and look inside you
and the fractions and fragments all become whole
the music erases the pain in your soul
the tears in your brain that your memory saved
evaporate and skate away

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