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This Is The N.E.W.S.

Kill II This

If you could harness my hatred - Of this fucked up vile world
You could power the whole planet - Then hopefully it might burn

The truth sometimes hurts - So let me tell you some lies
Everything?s gonna be alright - Ha! Ha! Ha! Yeah, fuckin? right

This is the News - This is your future
This is the News - You have no future
You have no future - You have no future

I?m seeing all the lies of our leaders - Every war that they feed us
A flat square-eyed horizon
For T.V. survival, be dead on arrival
The scenes of mass bigotry - Mixed up with insanity

Force fed - your future through cable
Brain dead - the pictures unstable
Sedated - CNN creative
The tumour grows - On the worldwide cancer show

This is the NEWS - This is your future
This is the NEWS - This is the future

A sick pay per view execution - Of divine retribution
Social evolution
The crumbling foundations - Hypocrisy nation
Gallows conspiracy - This is our democracy

Beirut - or Beverly Hills
Dispute - so another man kills
See violent moodswings stir - Yet another schoolground massacre

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