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Figure Of 8ight

Kill II This

Scourge of lies that jealousy breeds
a plague-like human virus you?re a breathing disease
Rape or sow - harvest your hate - life is like a figure of eight

You cast first stone as your glass house grows,
vicious circles in your vast deep below
Poisoned tongue - retaliate - life is like a figure of eight

Divide, control, conquered domain
The bitch that bred this monster must be on heat again
Broken glass reflections true
pearls turn to rust - diamonds to dust

As black as coal, It?s your silicon soul
plastic people should not play with fire
Karma kills - traitors and fakes - life is like figure of eight

A small world, Reap as you sow
Harvest your hate, Like a figure of eight

Scourge, a disease, jealousy the plague it breeds
Eyes, insecure blind, vicious circle of lies

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