Kill II This

This is my skin, battered and blue,
this is my body, broken for you
This is my world, a sickening view,
this is my blood which I spill for you

Cut away the layers down to the bone,
down there's the inner child from which I have grown
Feelings bleeding, stripped, skinned and salted,
I burnt and then pissed on all I ever wanted

I'll gladly walk - that extra mile -
cut my throat - to make me smile -
I'm vandalised - I'm sacrificed -
I'm stretched out wide -
I'm crucified - I am crucified

My guardian angel, bleeding on the deck,
Cupid paralysed, with a broken neck
My one and only prayer is my own death threat,
the wages of sin, each and every regret

Break my back, but you cannot crush me,
kick the chair, but you cannot hang me
Only happy when I see you fall,
on top of your head, I always walk so tall

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