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Stupid Bitch (Feat. Bella Delari)


Moonlit (Deluxe)

Lying on my dollar played on the grass
Looking at the sky and making the game
We are on the ground changes
Leading the world in Queens conditions
Pop reigning as Gangster

Notify the stupid bitch that the dollar is mine
Best Leadership Apple Music, we are together
They denied me as an evil object
I am now Apple Music your stupid bitches
Hitting the entire game with the heads

Arriving for bowling
Playing in the right direction
Winning all positions of bitches
Open the doors to the Prince of Pop
Bow up because this is my reign

[Bella Delari]

Basic rule for bitches queens
Be so fucking much I
Be humble and see the beginner artists
Accept that we are all equal
Be bitch, and then the bitch queen

Stop wanting to draw blood with their dollar
If you have Apple Music, so that any other?
I'm on Spotify also being loved by the fans
I denied as ever and now seeing this streaming


Walk hand in hand Apple and Spotify
Listen to me on Youtube bitches
I am in Beatsmusic or better?
Be better? So do better than boot Dollar blood
Kisses, kisses his stupid bitch

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