Oh okay may I think you guys is
Keeping on Sal you want my flock
To you
Oh um the bayou fuck you feelin
Myself girl k-12 don't know

Fairing going on half he they
Don't Uk's you like to go to
Number friends
K we fuck you fuck you use to go

With and never in case someone
Batting gloves
on drafts all
Being as often as all thing
Yeah there's no I street he goes

There and go reason rattles a go
See the only
One value maybe I'm
Getting those happy go as being
As any see like you two guys and

My mother died he fingers
Helping oh yeah maybe I'm like

We try to make plans no
Go to
Answer seen them they gave means
That the sexy to eat me down
Hey you want Lee to going ok

Shady's after you are crazy
Crazy crazy due to go 10 my baby
Plan is pleased you know how
Very clever sweet to like two

Girls one fairly baby
No only self the only self only
The bitch only sell myself only

Myself p dreams to get my keys
Will not faring
Bitch huh

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