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My Best Mistake


It was as if you were my best error
Perhaps you are
But I hope not
I just wanted your love and you nothing
So it all I felt was extinguished
I feel ghosts in the corridors of this hotel

My love, go by me
I will only love you when you love me more
I will only say that I want you, when you say you want me
I'll just wish you loudly when you love me
My dear, I do not want nothing from you

I'm a fool in love
A fool to love you
But can not help
I want you and you know

Do not force me to forget you
Non want to erase you from my memories
It's like pen and paper
You and I
I look like a fool in love
Maybe I'm

Call me
I'll meet you
Find me
I'll show you the way
Love me
I will love you more

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