Moonlit (Only EP)

Photos and portraits with lies sketches
His lies were so unnecessary
I believed as if they were an alliance
Esborando roles, clashing with the truth
His lies, no, I would not mind

Moments like losses
It was all downhill
Our hands were as perfect fit
They are now as two unknown

Lies, lies, lies, lies
I see pain where the pain is lies
Unspoken words and opposing thoughts
You and me, it was me and you
Today we are just what were we

Ring the bell, the signal is alarming
Opposite feelings, different paths
Broken promises, your promises
Broken hearts, shattered inside

Tell me the truth, join freedom
We are the fact that they do not want to see
Only see the reality who opens eyes
Open your just see everything around you

Chess game, a beautiful chess
Jump, just jump
It was a farewell
Feelings of loss
Gently tears streaming
It was the end of it all

Lies, your lies
These lies, your lies
All of them, you
Your lies

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