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Let's be Honest


Honesty, let us be clear, okay?
Honesty, let's be honest, okay?
A few moments did not happen and perhaps
They will not be, let us be clear, okay?
This love is a fairy tale, a movie hollywood
It's what I should accept, okay?
That's what I must learn, okay?

Let us be honest, whenever I say his name
You were never there, never, is not it?
You left hurt? Yes, not only you
It's like easy to blame me, right?
Throw it in my face, please honesty
It was not I who had sex the first time
Because of a mistake, let's be honest
There is no sex strength, please honesty

It was as if we were living a good life
Do what we had chosen, sorry
But you'd better go with V tattoo
Or, you can go with that boy of tears
You had sex, right?
You have these two options

I say your name and where you are?
With the boy's tattoo? Or with
The boy who forced you to have sex?
I tell you, it is better to go with them
Because the dry love, love tired
And I'm tired of you

A few moments moved me to you
But it looks like you got off
In a case of a short film
There is hope that I have, I've lost
Only I care about you, for now
Why I love tired, and I'm tired

Play in my face, I wanted to come back with you?
Honesty, V good tattoo, you know?
And the boy of tears, you know?
You wanted to make love to me? They know?
I do not think so right?

You better go with the V tattoo
You better go with the boy of tears
You only want me when you're not well
You only want me when it suits
You better go with them because I got tired

You know, but I'm following
Sorry, sorry, it's what they all say
It's what everyone tells me, it is better
You better go with V tattoo on chest
You better go with the boy of tears

You better go with your kids
Honesty, let us be clear, okay?

Letra enviada por Eagle Owl Records

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