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Moonlit (Deluxe)

Within the best car my dear
My lips torture him right?
Look at my, look at me
I'm the kind of boy you will ever have

Do not feel, just feel me
Do not imagine me, I'm too much for you
Kisses without feeling, crossed eyes
Jewelry in my car, use many diamond jewelry

Are revelatory facts without final story
News, headlines, dead bitches
I'm just on my cappuccino on the Billboard
My name on the covers of magazines bitches
Kharlles, Kharlles, Kharlles bitches

Citing the nation's rules
Guided by divide order
Lot, jewelry and diamonds
Gold and bar, is like being millionaires

Wearing the best model for tonight
Do not be fooled, do not be fooled
Lies and masks living in illusion
Reality out of context
Actresses and actors of life

Just do not look at me
Like diamonds or maybe not
Walls spinning, spinning
Doors closing, closing

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