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Goodbye! (Remix)


Dressing the best way to tell you Goodbye!
It hurts like being in the lake of fire
Break a promise made that was made
I'm sorry, I'm going, you wanted it that way
The Right choice, wrong choice, you wanted it that way

There were days, moments, seconds, months
Inside the elevator, he felt fall
Fallen from the top floor to the bottom
I was there, I was there
Totally in this elevator rock bottom

Walking the halls saw the inevitable
It was like seeing walls falling everywhere
Cars crashing, reality come to the fore
Stop please do not go ahead
Open your eyes, open your eyes

Do not get lost, I'm still here
Left a few of you
Fire, flames, you, me
Do not go, I'm still here
From his hand, Ecomo a goodbye!

We are breaking in half
There is no regeneration for all in poorly
As a goodbye!
As a goodbye!
I will always love you!

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