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Fuck the Fake Friends


This Is Not Family

The paint kill fafá that fac the punk the pac
Here's the bok that pac pac
Tac o x x wife who was the highlight of the pac
Pac or pac has attempted to

Defecate says do not touch a knife and I
Fac no baby doc or on this farm that only
Who defends fernandes defending fans
Only depends in part on the pec because

I know that it was only the people who
Tevez still give house not to move off
Lindsay alba does not mind is zak the toc
Toc down in non-health and
To depart
Or not to an uncle

The fishmonger gozão he will but say pac
Abedi aiew which was a highlight the end of
Seven years until she makes childish
Fans to bands fans and fanfares

I wish you are told dollars
I said ok the pac back I touch the past
The famous meat here is the fac
Faq haiti a pact is ok ok pac

Pac the pac is the powder x wife that went here
Pac pac pac I tried that punk rock
When you do not touch a knife and
A knife
Baby doc or in tacna that only that defends

Friends for fans
Only that depends in part on the team of the fei
What was the roriz de israel the garbage people
Speaks that this year should not go out house

To turn off lindsay alba not even
Unleash it only focus it and roll it down
A look of blood and blood can
Case of them better
Or not to an uncle

Aika online and left to hope full gozao
It will only say pac as the
End of stock offended
7 dp spams that
In poor countries

Compositor: KHarlles, Guilherme Brigadeiro

Letra enviada por Eagle Owl Records

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