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Moonlit (Deluxe)

Confetti a battle for fight
Do not repeat that we are different
No, no, we're all in the same boat
Bitch do not test, not test, stop
You know what being Feminist?
Fight for Feminism, and I fight you?

Perfection on the nation
Fighting for equal rights
Do not be stingy, do not be
We are all humanitarian
People humans alike

There is no difference when the roads are equal
Color, height, skin, sexuality, race, hair, eyes
There is no difference, open your mind
Put yourself in the place of women
This is their right, bow down to them

Do not touch the hypocrisy
Wants all are side by side?
So be on their side too
It's like a family union
We are all feminists

Mourning with them, for them
If that makes me a girl
Or if I should be called gay for joining the Feminist
So I am a girl

Do not look at me, just watch me
Within this armored car
Carry a Feminist board
Use clothing Feminism
I am so Feminist

Bitch, bitch, repeat what you said?
If you are against, ou is not on our side
You want war? No, no, we will spread peace
The best hand is the winner

Stop the music, observe all this tuning
Are you listening? You are?
Sound of Feminists, Sound of Feminist
Feminism had memories
The Crown is the Feminist

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