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Our dreams
Words lost paper
Unforgettable moments with you
There is no way to erase
I believe that in fact

All these dreams were not in vain
With me, they listen dear
You will always be the biggest star
My star
Hold my hand
Do not be afraid, do not be afraid

Believe me, everything has a reason
I do not know which, but have
And this is why I'm here
Do not go, they will go
I believe in the force majeure

Repeat after me the melody of this song
I look at the sky
I see you every night
Words on feelings
Different streets and roads

Unequal hearts and bruised
Unforgettable moments
Paper for writing
Young love
You and I

The entire route of love
A song and a great dream
I believe in the force that unites us
God will always be the creator

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