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December to December


Moonlit (Only EP)

It was like ties, we are here
Do not go back, just stay
I think of you every day, like never before
Remembering those moments again
We are here, just be

We were so close together and ready for anything
We remain prepared to this story
Above us, the sky shines
Many stars and you are one of them
Ties and hands, we are here

It was as inevitable, that day
It was like a huge goodbye
You, me, we sat on a sofa
You said, "are you sad? "
It was like imagining our order
But we do not have an end

I do not want to forget you ever
You do not want to forget
I do not know if we were made for each other
If it goes wrong, we will do right
If successful, we will do wrong
Our love to win

Waking from a nightmare after a weekend
Do not repeat it again, do it again
I need you, you need me
Do not say goodbye again
So many stars, one of them is you

Walls and barriers, road and go
Remember that I'm here
I love you from December to December
I remember like it was yesterday
It's like diary, secrets and confessions
I confess that I love you

Here again, we are here again
Together again, here again
We two, two step from heaven
It's like love infinity
Composing and inspiration

You are my inspiration, just you
Best friends, best friends
Best love, big romance
You and I are here
Do not go back, do not go

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