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Circus (Feat. Aline Francelino)



Shouts, screams, cries, screams
I hear cries, you hear?
Call me, call me, call me
Call me, come on, come
Shouts, screams, cries

The ultimate nightmare last night
Listen chains being dragged across the floor
Can you hear? Can you?
Run to the end of the hallway

Shouts, screams, cries, screams listen
Blood on the walls
Voices being spoken softly
Can you hear them?


It's like "Run, run away from death"
You are staying at the Hotel Cortez
Welcome to the secret room
No, that's not American Horror Story
And if so, care, flee the halls

Do not slam the door, they are coming
Do not yell, they will listen
Run as fast as you can
Claws like claw


The Nightmare of summons
People horrible
Amazing and frightening creatures
Run evil
Welcome to Hotel Cortez

[Aline Francelino]

American blood
Horror stories
Horror films
Horror series
Murders based on this Hotel
Get away, get out of these corridors


Welcome to the hell of the Circus of Horrors

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