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Bye, bye Exloves!


The Bitch Monster

This is the time that I say goodbye
Come on, it's time
Pack your bags and head
This is the time that I've gone
Come on, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Please not call me
Think of me if crying
But do not call me
That's my final goodbye

Cappuccino or tea?
He thought it would be best?
No, no, no dear
This is the time that it all ends

Stories penciled
I deleted all pages
Now start new stories
But without error, without mistake

This is the time that I say goodbye
I do not want you
I've wanted you
And today deny all

Oh oh oh
I'm here, I can go
Say goodbye several times if necessary
You see, get it, get
I knew, I knew where we were going

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye Time
Goodbye goodbye

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