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An Hour Happens As Infinity


An hour happens as infinity
Playing all the piano notes
Piano into an abyss
I will always be there, always there
Look at the sky, look at me

An hour happens like an endless huge
One hour happens as a full piano notes
One hour a love happens as expanding
An hour happens in the best ways to love
To be together, to state, to love you

Please do not go, it's like strings on a piano
Touching the heart beats in a huge abyss
I will always be there, I'm here (I'm here)
We can always be infinity (Infinity)
Base Number 8, lucky number, our number

An hour happens, as the three of us
No goodbyes, no goodbyes
One hour happens, hearts burning
As pianos in chords
Play the best grade, has the best song

Following in December for now
Moments and stages, good or bad
Cries or smiles, that December
Together today, Number 8, our favorite
Infinity, a grand piano

Playing the notes
Touching the stars, look at the sky
Loving in all colors
One hour happens

Just look forward, forward
See the way forward, follow the on
Do not look back, this is the past
Follow for the future in the exact now
An hour happens infinity

An hour happens as infinity
An hour happens as the endless undirected
An hour happens as the endless story
An hour happens as infinite as this song

"It's like choices in accuracy, feelings faithful
There is no truth without truth
It's like a heart to 3, you know?
Are we, number 3 of 8
An infinite love affair
Whenever I hear a noise up there
A smile in the midst of all this story
Or gaze at the stars, remember
Born that December and we are together
Together to the end as an infinite number. "

An hour happens as infinity

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