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Warrior Interrogation


Let's start with the old ones first, shall we
Yeah, what you wanna know?

Well I want your full name
Ke$ha, with the dollar sign

Your day of birth
March 1st, 1987

It is true your mother was an alien?
How do you know that?

Just answer the question

Where your father? Who is he? Alice Cooper?
Kind of

Is it true that your song "Gold Trans Am" is about your hoha
Yes, that is true, cause my vagina is gold, it's glittery too, smells like candy

So you if I ask you a question, do you glitter on a daily basis?
I do, that's fair, that's fine, I do!

Mr. Peep$, oh yeah, your cat... when do you speak to it?
Everyday, all day long, and I'm psyquic and I talk to it in my mind, every second

What's it doing now?
Right now he's climbing up the tree, he thinks you a big asshole

Have you go cold nines for your mile conquests?

Gimme an example
Captain dick and balls, DJ fucktard

You know a baby spoon?
Woo, why bringing me to this? why you bring the baby spoon here?

You know it?
Yeah, he like the spoon, so, he wanna be the baby spoon. I thought that was super lame

Have you tracked your pass life on your new album? Oh yea, thats about Elvis Presley, is that right?
It's about Le Borati, cause apparently I was Le Borati in my past life, I really like capes

? with the glitter, isn't he?

Do you speak dinosaur?
I do, do you wanna hear? Do you speak dinosaur?

No, i don't speak dinosaur, thank you

Are you talking to ghosts as we speak?
No, I'm talking dinausar, I'm talking to Mr. Peep$ in dinosaur, it's our secret language

Are you able to

Let's talk about tattoos, shall we?

Ah you got more than one?

Tell me about the other ones
They're all really terrible (Ke$ha shows them) I got that one in prision. That one was supposed to be a feather but it looks like a leaf... That one says “yeah”

Is it true you got one in your queen mom?

Your queen mom!
My mom?

Copy me? queen mom... bum
Oh, my butt... no
(Ke$ha laughs)
I'm wasted... no I'm not

Do you prefer McCourtney Knightkid?

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