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Visiting Hours

Kero Kero Bonito

Time 'n' Place

Hi it's me, how are you?
Is the food okay?
Did you order the usual or something else?
I remember you said you were after yogurt
So I bought two

Let's draw the curtains
Back to bring in the light
Press the buttons so that you're sitting right
All the people that I spoke to said
They think you're doing great

Back home, they're all asking
They wanna come and see you real soon
We're already missing you
But please
Take the time you need


I've been thinking about you coming home
I was asking them when but they don't know
We can order a taxi on the day
All the way

Is that the time?
I should let you go to bed
Brush your teeth, take it easy, get some rest
I'll be back here again tomorrow morning
I'll see you then
Night, night

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