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The Open Road

Kero Kero Bonito

We came to a halt in the snow
Swerving on the wet slush below
Just as well we did 'cos
That lorry in front of us
Was gonna tip over

So we peeled off for a break
Though we knew it meant we'd be late
But we were alive and
It felt pretty good to taste
The strawberry milkshake

And still we carried on
Our entire lives upon
The open road
Guided on the asphalt by
The traffic lines and burger signs
'Til we're in the motel gone for the night

Way out on the north golden coast
Just as we were ready to go
Bandits broke into the van
And took all we had
In the city we were stranded

And still we
Somehow rolled through
Onto the next town
Always somewhere new

I've seen mountains pierce the sky
Deserts frosted under ice
But some days I just miss mum and dad
Though I think it makes them happy
I finally managed to see
The open road

'Til I'll make quite sure there's nowhere
Left to get to know

The open road
The open road
Will take me home someday

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