Kero Kero Bonito

Time 'n' Place

1, 2
1, 2, 3

Sometimes, life gets you down
But you can turn it all around
The raindrops keep falling
You're soaking to the bone
And you can't see for the clouds

Sometimes, life isn't fair
But you can beat it, don't despair
You win some, you lose some
And then you lose some more
You even played your best
But just round the corner
The sun's looking dapper
And lady luck's his date
The happy days are coming again

Sometimes, life is a drag
But get that chin up, don't be sad
'cause somebody up
There is looking out for you
And now they're makin' plans

But just round the corner
Well, the real truth of it's
That nobody really knows
Life sure doesn't make sense
But on your boots you can bet
That everybody gets the blues sometimes

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