Cat vs. Dog

Kero Kero Bonito

Intro Bonito

Dog v. cat
You're canine trash
There's nothing I like more than a mutt getting whacked
With my baseball bat, how'd you like that?
That'll stop you barking, startling me in the morning
What's your problem, dog?
Cat got your tongue in the vice 'til the blood comes?
Hope your owner comes running cause he's lonesome
Bark any louder, I'll kill him for fun

Cat v. dog
It's all kicking off
I wanna murder moggies all around the world
I'll bite you in the head, 'til you're dead
Brains everywhere, but I won't care
I'll be hanging with my bitches enjoying the riches
Of a multi-sensory life
Man's best friend is a dog, not a feline
Homosapiens got one thing right

Eternal hatredcat vs. Dog (English)

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