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Mic Check

Keri Hilson

I let you talk and eventhough you over-react
I try to listen, didn't give you any feedback
Everytime I tell you what I need, you don't care how much I bleed
Am I coming through, check, 1 2, 1 2
Down to the wire, you're over looking the red lights (Lights)
And every little issue is amplified
I'm feelin' unheard, act like reverb
Coming from my tears, over you, 1 2, 1 2

Turn it up one notch (One notch) Hit the bus
Better listen up, better listen up
Cause it's over ahead of him tired of keeping it down
Not gonna bottle it up, you're about to hear me (Ohh)

Mic check c'mon,
Mic check 1 2 c'mon
Get the bottle round,
I'm 'bout to bounce
Baby I'm out,
Can you hear my now
Mic check c'mon,
mic check 1 2 c'mon
Get the bottle round,
I'm 'bout to bounce
Baby I'm out,
Glad you hear my now

You cut me of 'fore I started I'm not gonna run it back
You told me I had given you static and I mean that
And after that I gave you clues, now I'm blowing a fuse
Am I getting through,
check 1 2, 1 2
Sike, read my facial expressions see how I'm pulling back (Pulling back)
You say I'm tripping betchu like me to believe that
Gotta stay in my ground
Yep, stubborn and I'm proud
Am I getting through, check 1 2, 1 2


You said I switched that up, I stick it to the game plan
Now you're talking down on me like I'm rain man
Feel like I'm acting a fool, I'm tryna keep it cool
Whatchu expect me to do?
Check 1 2, 1 2
I let your speakers bump, turn up the volume
I heard you loud and clear, babygirl it's all you
So if you wanna leave, baby there's the door
I ain't gonna hold you here if you really wanna go
I'ma leave that whip, kick rocks, take the bus
Better hurry up, better hurry up
So if you need your space, baby that's whats up
I'ma need my place, baby get your stuff.


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