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I Get The Picture

Keith Whitley

The moving van is waitin' for the rain to stop
Your agent put a sign up in the yard
I wondered was there anything that you'd forgot
I guess that goodbye's got to be this hard
One last look around the rooms that we both shared
I knew I couldn't stay here by myself
I saw a box and wondered why you'd left it out
Right there on the bedroom closet shelf
Faded yellow photos of a boy and girl
Smiling in the blazing Texas sun
It must have been the year before your daddy died
He tried to warn me then this day would come

I get the picture though the love has gone away
I get the picture though your memory will fade I get the picture

Wasn't that the guy you told me you forgot
Oh what's his name who never made you laugh
But I never made you smile the way you're smilin' here
By his side in this faded photograph
Last night when I met you at your lawyer's house
I wondered bout the guy who dropped you off
Guess I prob'ly never place this smiling face
If you hadn't left behind this box

I get the picture though the love has gone away...
I get the picture

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