Keith Whitley

They say country music's in a mess
And it'd be saved as anybody's guess
We need someone to lend a helping hand
And I believe that I know just a man

On the radio pop music is the rage
We need someone to guide us through the stage
If the industry would only take a chance
Helpin' waitin' at the ol' Buck Owens range

Let's bring back Buck and he'll pull us together again
Let's bring back Buck country music sure could use a friend
Everybody's goin' pop Buck could bring that to and stop
It sure would be good luck let's bring back Buck

[ guitar ]
For the past few years now Hee Haw's been his home
But the radio is where old Buck would lost
And if we all pull together we'll go far
With ol' Buck and his red and white and blue guitar

Well ol' Buck will grab a tiger by the tail
And put us on that straight and narrow trail
And the Buck sounds where all here and soon will yield
To the comeback of the man from Bakersfield

Let's bring back Buck...
Oh it sure would be good luck let's bring back Buck

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