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Sweet Things

Keith Urban

Defying Gravity

When I picked you up for our first date baby
Well, your pretty blue eyes they were drivin' me crazy
And the tiny little thought that was so amazing is they were lookin' at me.

I held open the car door for you then you climbed inside and slid on over
To the other side...I thought my, oh my...

Sweet thing
The moon is high and the night is young
Come on and meet me
In the backyard under the Cottonwood tree
Its a good thing and I'm wishin'
C'mon sweet thing
Won't you climb on out of your window while the world's sleepin'
Cause you know I need you and there's no way I'll be leavin'
Til we're kissin' on the porch swing, oh my little sweet thing

Yeah I know I'm gonna see you first thing tomorrow
But I just couldn't wait so I had to borrow
Uncle Jake's Mustang its his favorite car and so I can't stay long...

Standin' here feelin' like a love struck Romeo
All I wanna do is hold you close and steal a little more time, is that such a crime?

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