Faster Car

Keith Urban

Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing

Any time that you want what you need
Close your eyes, say my name, call on me
And I'll be there for you no matter what they say
Rain hail or shine
I got my eye spy to the sky waitin' on your sign
Roll the dice, take a chance, a chance on me
'Cause you never can tell where a little bit of faith might lead
I got a you-shaped hole inside I swear it gets deeper by the day
Flickin' cigarettes out the window goin' nowhere in this lonely rain

I need a faster car now
A rocket ship straight to the moon
I need a faster way to
Show you how much i need you, baby

It's a crime, it's a sin, it's a damn shame
But you're the cause and you're the cure of all my pain
There's never been a bigger fool for you
I can't believe my pride
You got me talkin to an empty pillow in the middle of the night
I ain't slept in quite a while

Repeat Chorus twice

I need a faster car now
I'm a rocket man in love with you
I need a faster way to
Show you how much you drive me crazy
Show you how much I need you, baby

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