Baby ,Let’s get personnal
Listen to my heart Beat
On and on, and on

If I ever forget, my crew for you
If I ever fall in craziness, I promise you
I will kill you, stop yo heartbeat true, sip brew
Never do, anything to compromise my EQs
Be sick of you, help me produce phat BDs and melodies,
reminissin’ bout our fantasies
With no philosophy, bless the weed
Mind blowin’ smokin’ killin’ my self and
If ya wanna bless me right now uh! I’m ready
If ya wanna cry if I’m not here, that’s steady
Relations ship we have, nuttin’ I would have
with a hoe on a ave, baby let’s dive

Baby ,Let’s get personnal
Listen to my heart Beat
On and on, and on

You be 24 and yo baby boy is 8
For his daddy, all you feel is hate, too late
Baby mama dontcha feel the same for me
My world of luxury, this is u and me
I be the, sinner, for u I be a killer
A villain, love dealer, pusher
Civilian offender, and if you need never surrender
I could be anything exept yo money maker
This love shit we go through is true true
Cause I ain’t like a gum chew, word
Listen to my heartbeat…

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