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Don't Wake Me Up


Don’t wake me up baby, Laissez mwen rever

Wake up in the mornin’ with my body all nude
Orange juice, just to have my tongue, confused
Look my swatch, yeah you know it’s time to lace shoes
Crews, I call for a destination choose
Take a shower cause u know I have to fight down
Everything on my body doesn’t look brown
Take my time, water on my body’s devine
After that ,find the right dress to shine
I’m looking at the sea, put my face on the wind
Born to win, I got a life of dollars and spleen
Caress my chin chin then my virtual afro
Grab the car keys, gotta go

Don’t wake me up baby, Laissez mwen rever

Stop by the chineese cause I need some grocery
Melon juice and a little bit of Bakery
Run up in a shorty that I used to see: Monica
Always smelling good, que pasa, u wanna
Come with me to the studio, whatch videos
Listen Coolio, plus we can listen to my demo
Baby front as usual but u know, it’s aight
When we was together, used to run into fights
But now I’m into something else, my musical mystics
Only thing my interest’s my melodies and rythmics
Till the day I wake up, my life I gotta set up
Everything I got that’s the fuel helps me get up

Don’t wake me up baby, Laissez mwen rever

U know I want it baby / A life of shining
A life a luxury / This is for me and I
U know I want it baby / Doing this for me
Don’t wake me up nah / Till I reach the sky high

Don’t wake me up baby, Laissez mwen rever

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