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Sex Sells (Unreleased)

Katy Perry

I will not philosphise about the meaning of life
let's take no time caz the teasing isnt right
let's get to foreplay we know were gonna do it anyways
Caz all I'm sellin is...sex sex on your radio sellin is sex
Sex just like a machine

Have you seen my video
Look at me I'm dancin in slow-mo
And the ad campain I'm bathin in champagne
Caz I'm a lady good for one thing maybe
And all I'm sellin is sex..sex.. on your radio
All I'm sellin is sex..sex.. just like a machine

A ma
Chine..ya a machine..

All I'm sellin is.....sex baby sex baby sex
On your radio .. all I'm sellin is .sex
Just like a machine

Will you be my sugar daddy if i promise to behave
Then you can have me but youll be diggin your own grave
Oh its not worth it I've already done my circuit

All I'm sellin is all I'm giving is sex sex
On your radio
Sex just like a machine

I'm sellin it..sex on your radio
I'm sellin it.. sex just like a machine

Compositor: Stewart David Allan

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