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Waiting For The Weather To Break

Kate Campbell

The fairest skies
I've ever seen
Were in your eyes
The day we met
The wind was hard
And full of rain
A storm
I never will forget
It came on fast
And caught us
By surprise
A raging flood
Swept us away
We hid beneath
A hollow tree
For the weather
To break

A veil of silence
Thick as fog
Moves between us
Like a cloud
How'd we ever
Get to where we are
And can we find
Our way out
Now we lie
In a bed of years
Under this blanket
We made
And here we are again
For the weather to break

The stars
Are shining blue
In the distance
Calling us away
The storm in me and you
Once so dark
Will all be clear some day
For the weather to break

Compositor: Kate Campbell/ira Campbell/johnny Pierce

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