Visions Of Plenty

Kate Campbell

I live south of Memphis
In downtown Hollywood
And these fields
Are all I've ever known
Season after season
I have worked
To find a way
To buy a piece of land
To call my own
When that Delta sun
Comes beating down
Well I swear
Those rows of cotton
Shine like gold

Visions of plenty
Roll across my mind
Still my hands
Are empty
And the system's
Going dry
I keep thinking
'Bout my children
What's left
Down here for them
Just a cotton field
Of dreams
(Just a billboard
full of dreams)
And everybody's dreaming
Everybody's dreaming
Dreaming just like me

A sign went up
For Harrah's
On Highway 61
Promising we'd all
Be winners soon
So every Friday
Evening I go
And spin the wheel
Sometimes I win
Most times I lose
These lights
Are so much brighter
Than I thought
They'd be
And they make me think
I'll see
My dreams come true

Compositor: Kate Campbell/tricia Walker

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