Twang On A Wire

Kate Campbell

61 Gibson, tobacco sunburst
Carved my name on the back
And a bible verse
It was one piece of wood
That sure started a fire
All I wanted to do
Was twang on a wire

Well I went to school
And then went to work
But it all seemed to me
Like shoveling dirt
With each passing day
I sank deeper in the mire
I had to find me a way
To twang on a wire

There have been times
When I was so down
Mothers and lovers
And preachers came 'round
No one could cheer me
Not one could inspire
There's no consolation
Like a twang on a wire

Angels with flat-tops
They pick and they sing
Playing those songs
That pull on heart strings
As long as I live
I'll never tire
Of hearing the sound
Of a twang on a wire

When it's all said and done
And I'm laid in the ground
Would you have someone play
That sweet Wildwood Flower
You could sing me on over
With a big Gospel choir
But all that's required
Is a twang on a wire

Compositor: Kate Campbell/mark Narmore

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