The Way Home

Kate Campbell

If you're ever
In the Richmond Jail
With no one around
To go your bail
If you've lost your way
It might help to know
Jesus is the way home

If you're trying
To put that whiskey down
And you realize
You're losing ground
You don't have to walk
That road alone
Jesus is the way home

You don't have to worry
Where you're at
Or why you're there
He knows all that
You just let
The Good Book be your map
Jesus is the way home

If you think
Nobody understands
And life's not going
Like you planned
There's a friend
Who'll show you how to go
Jesus is the way home

There's a garden
Down in Alabam'
Not too far
South of Birmingham
Painted signs
And crosses by the road
One says Jesus
Is the way home

For the Bible tells me so
Jesus is the way home

Compositor: Kate Campbell/walt Aldridge

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