The Last Song

Kate Campbell

After the supper was over
And the table
Had been cleared away
When the last bottle
Was empty
There was nothing much
Left to say
Jesus started
Humming an old tune
Everybody fell right in
They sang
The last song
The last song

Matthew started
Singing the low part
John grabbed
the high harmony
Their voices filled up
The night air
All the way
To Gethsemane
Judas walked
Some distance
Behind them
Like he had
Forgotten the words
They sang
The last song
Tthe last song

Just before they got
To the garden
Just before
They all fell asleep
Just before Barabbas
Was pardoned
And Jesus
Was nailed to a tree

I reckon it
Was some kind
Of soul song
Maybe kind
Of sad and slow
All about how
We get weary
All about holding on
Only Jesus
Knew what was coming
Still he never
Said a thing
He sang
The last song
The last song

He could have
Made a toast
To the good times
And only the best
For his friends
He could have stayed up
Late reminiscing
About the long strange
Trip it had been
But he went
Just like a lamb
To the slaughter
Knowing it
Was part of the plan
And sang
The last song
The last song

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