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South Of Everything

Kate Campbell

No one up here
Seems to know me
And I don't like
The ones that do
Everyone is as cold
As the weather
It's time to buy
Some traveling shoes

I don't need
To pack a suitcase
No map to show me
Where to go
Give me one change
Of clothes
And a box of Oreos
And endless miles
Of open road

I'm going
South of everything
Where the air is sweet
And church bells ring
Back where I come from
Back where I belong
Down where the sun
Shines in the rain
And life goes by
From a front porch swing
You can keep
The bitter cold
I'm gonna go
South of everything

Why is everyone
In such a hurry
No one ever wins
A rat race
And they wonder why
So many go crazy
I gotta get out
Of this place

When I hear someone
Ask how I'm doing
Or see a stranger wave
Behind the wheel
Then I'll know
I'm headed
In the right direction
By the peaceful way
I feel

Compositor: Kate Campbell/ira Campbell/johnny Pierce

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