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Prayer Of Thomas Merthon

Kate Campbell

My Lord God
I have no idea
Where I am going
I do not see
The road ahead of me
I cannot know for certain
Where it will end
Nor do I really know myself
And the fact that I think
That I am following your will
Does not mean
That I am actually doing so
But I believe
That the desire
To please you
Does in fact please you
And I hope
I have that desire
In all that I am doing
I hope
That I will never do
Anything apart
From that desire
And I know
That if I do this
You will lead me
By the right road
Though I may know
Nothing about it
Will I trust you always
Though I may seem to be lost
And in the shadow of death
I will not fear for you
Are ever with me
And you will never leave me
To face my perils alone

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