Porcelain Blue

Kate Campbell

She is standing in the garden
Silently astute
Waiting for the sun to come
And kiss away the dew
How can she be so translucent
From my window view
I can see her heart clear
Through in porcelain blue

You can find me in the city
Where the music grooves
Surrounded by a misty brew
Of magic and voodoo
Lying in my bed
In the sultry afternoon
I can hear those saints
Go marching through
In porcelain blue

I will follow
In that number
And I hope
To meet you there
Blessed Mary
Please don't slumber
Pray for us
Who need your care

Staring at this vase
Searching for my muse
If lovers die together
Are they forever fused
I've heard love's eternal
And I wonder if it's true
This crescent city moon
In porcelain blue

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